Best Ingredients

6 Pure ingredients & 17 Highly Bioavailable Vitamins & Minerals


Inside Sammy’s Milk

Goat Milk

Known on the farm as the “Universal Foster Milk,” goat milk is enjoyed by more people worldwide than cow milk. It is easier to digest, does not produce mucus and won’t suppress the immune system. Our goat milk is pasteurized, hormone free, antibiotic free, kosher and comes from free-ranging goats. Our goat milk is dried on the farm, and shipped directly to us from Texas, USA.

Fish Oil

Harvested from wild fish, our fish oil is tested for contaminants and heavy metals including mercury. There are 56mg EPA and 39mg DHA per 4oz serving. Other baby foods and infant formula manufacturers do NOT quantify DHA amounts and the ratio of DHA to EPA because they do not use efficacious amounts and just ‘sprinkle them in’ to add on the label. We have spared no expense to deliver DHA directly from fish oil.


Our NON-GMO molasses has naturally occurring iron, which is more bioavailable and presents fewer digestive complications than a synthetic iron source such as Ferrous Sulfate typically listed on other products.

Hi-Oleic Safflower Oil

Hi-Oleic safflower oil is a NON-GMO naturally occurring liquid vegetable oil. We emulsify this oil with NON-GMO sunflower lecithin. This ingredient is an allergen-free alternative to soy lecithin, the emulsifier typically used in other products. Our NON-GMO High-Oleic safflower oil is obtained to ensure our 4:1 (Omega 6 to Omega 3) ratio. We pride ourselves on maintaining this balance as most nutrition experts agree we are not consuming enough Omega 3’s.

GOS & Inulin-FOS – Prebiotics

Both of these ingredients enhance and create a healthy environment for essential and beneficial intestinal flora to flourish in the digestive tract. Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin, which are found in many vegetables, consist of short chains of fructose molecules. Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), which also occur naturally, consist of short chains of galactose molecules and is similar to the oligosaccharides found in human milk.

Vitamins & Minerals

We have chosen the most bioavailable form and highest purity of both our vitamins and minerals so they can be more readily used in the body. They are derived from natural sources which are absorbed and retained in higher amounts by the cells in your body.

Methylcobalamin is the specific form of Vitamin B12 we use in Sammy’s Milk Baby Food powder. Most other products use cyanocobalamin which is not found in any plant nor animal tissue. Our methylcobalamin is better absorbed and retained in higher amounts within the cells in your body. In simple terms, they are used much more effectively, primarily in your liver, brain and nervous system.

QUATREFOLIC® is a proprietary source of folate providing greater stability and higher water solubility for higher absorption in the body.

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