Becoming a dad can seem unbelievably overwhelming, but every lesson you learn and every step you take is one in the right direction. Here are 5 things we believe every new dad needs to know:

Daddy’s Little Girl

If you have a daughter, you will immediately embrace the protective father role, where no man will ever be good enough to be the prince charming to your little princess. She will learn love from the example you set for her, and while you won’t always be perfect, you will always be her daddy.

Baby Blues

Postpartum blues can happen to new dads too, not just new moms. Monitor each other’s symptoms, and keep an eye out for postpartum depression. Do not be afraid to seek help if you need to!

You’ve Got This

Its completely normal to feel like you are doing everything wrong all of the time. Just because you don’t know why your baby is crying yet, or because you aren’t the one to console them, doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a great job! You are doing better than you think. Try not to let frustration have you feeling discouraged about your parenting abilities.

Rockabye Baby

Master the rock and bounce to lull your baby to sleep. By holding the baby to your chest and doing deep knee bends, you can often quiet a fussy, crying baby. This will come in handy when you’re alone with your child, or in nearly any situation where you’re at a loss for what your baby wants.

On-the-go Changing

Public restrooms don’t often accommodate for dads to change their babies. Keep your “daddy diaper pack” stocked with a changing pad to make changing diapers less of a disaster.
You’ll learn many things as a new dad along the way, we hope that our tips help you feel a little more secure about your new role as a daddy.