You’ve read dozens of books, turned to friends and family for advice and tried to prepare yourself as much as you possibly can for parenthood. Experience, however, shows the surprising ways that your life will change when you become a parent.

Mama (and Papa) Knows Best

When you look into your child’s eyes, feeling the deep and immense love you can’t possibly describe in words for your baby, will adversely show you a new appreciation for your parents. Until you have a child of your own, you can’t imagine the overpowering feeling of love and protection for someone that your parens had and have for you.

Timeline Adjustment

Before having a baby, you could simply grab your bag and your keys and head out the door for plans, or for something spontaneous. Now, as a parent you need to account for everything your child might need while you are out, from strollers to diapers to bottles and more. Your original few-minute window of getting out the door becomes an ordeal that takes prior planning. It will take some time to adjust and get used to your new “leave by” time and checklist, but you will feel more secure when you are prepared.

Perspective Changes

As a parent, everything can become a danger to your child. You see things in a protective mode, always on the lookout for anything that could harm your baby. At the same time, you watch your child discover, imagine and explore the world in pure wonder and amazement, giving you the vision of the innocence of a child. Couches become castles and dandelions are no longer weeds but wishes.
Many things will change as you become a parent, but it is important to maintain who you are inside. Your child will look up to you from the very beginning and the example you set will be their role model. Learn to take each change in stride, and accept your new lifestyle. Welcome to parenthood, where your life is no longer just your own.