Summer sunshine can already be uncomfortably warm, however when pregnant, the heat adds extra burden. Body temperature is already increased with pregnancy. It is extremely important to stay hydrated and to keep mom as comfortable as possible as she grows her little one inside. Check out some of the tricks, tips and hacks we found to help you survive summer pregnancy.

Icy Treats

Freeze candy and fruits for a refreshing way to crush your cravings! By adding a little bit of flavored jello powder to the outside of red grapes, you can get your sweet fix. You can also use popsicle molds to freeze gummy bears, chopped fruit, you name it! Load the mold with your treat and fill with lemon-lime soda, Crystal Light or juice for a yummy popsicle.


Prevent Chafing

When spending lots of time outside, inside or getting sweaty in general, chafing can be extremely common. In the morning, rub coconut oil or A&D cream directly onto your thighs and massage it in for all day prevention. Coconut oil is amazing for so many different things! Click here to read about more ways you can use this household item to your advantage!

Float On

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Some days are so toasty, that only a dip in the pool can offer relief
when you’re sweltering. Cheap pool floats can be found almost anywhere during summer season at places like Target, Walmart, Kmart and more. Cutting a hole in the float allows you to rest comfortably on your stomach in the water.



Instant Cool-down

Turn the cold water on in the sink and run your wrists, where your veins are visible, under the water to cool off your entire body.




While you should definitely be enjoying the summertime with your family, make sure you are being safe too! It is crucial to know the signs of heat illnesses, such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, sunstroke or heatstroke. By planning ahead and paying attention, you can avoid injury and stay safe. Read here for symptoms to look for and what to do in the event of heat illness.

Sammy’s Milk wishes you and your family a safe, sunny summer!