6 Pure Ingredients

Sammy’s Milk Toddler Formula uses 6 simple, beneficial and essential ingredients for development. The combination of these ingredients, plus 23 vitamins and minerals, is just one of the many reasons that pediatricians recommend Sammy’s Milk for your little love.

A little more expensive

We are by no means price fighters. But our higher price tag is easily explained. For example, a goat gives an average of 3 litres of milk daily. On average, a cow produces as much as 28 litres per day. Therefore, we need to keep more goats to produce the same amount of milk, which involves incurring various costs, from feeding and mucking out stables to milking. We invest a lot of time and money in finding the best quality ingredients. These are rarely - well, actually never - the cheapest ingredients.

So, that’s why.


Why Sammy's Goat Milk?

Goat milk is enjoyed by more people worldwide than cows milk. It is easy to digest, does not produce mucus and won’t suppress the immune system. Sammy’s whole goat milk is pasteurized, hormone-free and Non-GMO. Our goats eat a variety of natural vegetation and supplemented feed which is grown on the farm or comes from local sources. We always make sure our goats are well cared for, in good health and have housing when wanted as part of our Humane Certification.

The Right Formula for your little one 🩵

At Sammy’s Milk, we will never compromise on quality.
NO additives & NO genetically modified ingredients in our products.