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No. Sammy's Milk Toddler Formula is intended for children aged 12-36 months.

Our light beige powder has dark brown flecks from our dark non-GMO molasses. When mixed with water, Sammy’s Milk becomes a light brown color. Yes, this is normal.

Yes. Every batch is tested 3 times during the process for microbial contaminants. We also test every batch for pesticides & heavy metals.

By definition Sammy’s Milk is a dry product….so, yes.  We dry the milk slowly at a temperature that fosters maximum nutrient viability at its completion. 

It is generally thought there are far fewer allergenic proteins in goat milk, making it easier to digest. 

The smaller curds and acid-buffering qualities of goat milk help minimize mucus supporting goat milk as the ‘universal donor’ on the farm as almost every mammal can metabolize goat milk.

Yes, but naturally occurring GOAT MILK LACTOSE from our whole goat milk.  Zero is added. 

Yes Sammy’s Milk is a great source of protein, at an appropriate amount for your little one.  The amino acid profile of goat milk provides Taurine that is naturally abundant in human breast milk. Goat milk contains nucleotides that play an essential role in developing the immune system and the gut. Goat milk has less allergenic proteins, a more digestible fat and less lactose than other milks.

We are proud to derive all of our ingredients and manufacture right here in the United States. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Yes Sammy’s Milk is very proud to state that our goat milk is now Certified Humane® Raised and Handled. We have been working for over five years on this movement that underscores Sammy's Milk commitment to animal care alongside its reputation for producing high quality products. You will begin to see the Certified Humane® logo on our products.

1 Pouch makes 160 fl oz. of prepared Sammy's Milk = 40 x 4oz. bottles.

Therefore, if your child drinks 5, 4oz. bottles per day, a pouch will last 8 days.

1 stick pak makes 4 fl oz. of prepared Sammy's Milk.

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