Sammy's Story

Every mother I have ever talked to wants the best for her children. When I wasn’t able to give my daughter the best nutrition from my own body, it was frustrating and I felt like a failure.

I tried numerous products on the market, only to throw every one of them in the trash as my daughter’s body refused them all. They were loaded with lactose, corn syrup, rice syrup, soy products, sugar alcohols, cheap oils and numerous artificial sweeteners and preservatives which were difficult to pronounce. To make matters worse, I discovered numerous brands added DHA from laboratory grown algae that sometimes use hexane in their extraction process. This is the most important time to deliver the highest level of nutrition possible and I could not find a worthwhile product that worked.

Goat milk was gaining popularity because it is generally easier to digest and tolerate than both cow and soy milk. I sought professional advice from a board certified pediatrician how to balance the whole goat milk with carbohydrates and fats to mirror the general composition of human milk. Sammy’s Milk was born from passion, expertise and integrity.

I found happy goats being raised without hormones & antibiotics grazing on grass. I chose wild fish oil to deliver DHA. I chose non-GMO molasses for natural carbohydrates, iron and taste. I sourced the best vitamins and minerals I could find. The end result of my commitment to excellence fills me with a purpose to make Sammy’s Milk Toddler Formula the best available.

My wise mother always told me things happen for a reason. Perhaps my struggles manifested so I could deliver a solution to so many frustrated mothers. I have gotten very clear that I want to positively change how we use nutrition to help our children thrive.

~ Erin Hendricks ~

Sammy's Milk Owner & Mother