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Dr. Andrew Lee MD

Superkids Pediatrics


"Sammy’s Milk has been such a blessing for children in my practice with cow’s milk and soy intolerance issues.  Many of these children have tried different specialized formulas with mixed results, often after a huge investment of time, effort, and cost to the family - not to mention anxiety and frustration.  In contrast, so far I have not had a single child react poorly to Sammy’s Milk when they have tried it for cow’s milk and soy intolerance.  Toddlers and children seem to love Sammy’s Milk and it is easy to see why with the effort and care put into this product is really unmatched - the ingredients provide the right nutritional balance for growing children, and also come from environmentally-friendly sources.  As cow milk allergy and intolerances increase, I find myself recommending Sammy’s Milk more and more as a healthy and easy alternative to other specialized formulas."

Dr. Michael Aufdemberg MD

Irvine , CA


"As a practicing Irvine pediatrician over 40 years of experience, I have treated many children for formula and milk intolerance.  Recently I have found more and more children are experiencing reactions to cow and soy milk formulas.  Even the specialty formulas are not always tolerated and many parents take issue with the corn syrup and lactose contained in other formulas.  Several years ago I started giving parents recipes for goats milk formula.  I couldn’t find a premixed goat milk formula I liked on the market until I heard about Sammy’s Milk.  It contains a great blend of natural ingredients including vitamins,omega 3’sand antioxidants.  Great care has been taken to balance all of the ingredients.  Children are loving the taste and mom’s the convenience.  I now recommend it regularly to all of my little patients that need another option when their regular formulas fail or moms wish to transition after breastfeeding."


Humane Raised & Handled

Sammy's Milk is pleased to inform our customers that our goat milk is now Certified Humane® Raised & Handled.

Our team worked for over five years to fully certify all 25 California dairies that supply our goat milk, a movement that underscores Sammy’s Milk’s commitment to animal care alongside its reputation for producing high quality products.

Certified Humane® is a rigorous animal welfare certification awarded by the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC). Its mission is to “improve the lives of farm animals by providing viable, credible, duly monitored standards for humane food production.”